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      By Yus · Posted
      Oldschool is 1x and we won't have that. We're having much higher rates.
    • Decisions
      By Kitty ™ · Posted
      So its a Grand Open !! .
    • Decisions
      By Legend · Posted
      I understand that u guys are just following that low rate, hardcore, old school hype, but trust me most of those "old school" players are cancer of this sro community which is destroying servers one by one
    • TITANSRO Ingame Supporter Recruitment
      By hellmakr · Posted
      Real name: 
      KareemDate of birth: 
      1/6/1997Character name:
      ToyWhat language's do you speak? (Native language first):
      Arabic..English .. and French with some mistakes  + some Turkish Words.What is your timezone in GMT?
      2:50 pm GMT+3What is your experience with SRO in general?: 
      i been playing Silkroad scine 7~10 years ago .. 
      so i know alot about silk road . 
      i played more than 30 Private servers .. and Some of it still online till now .Do you have any other skills that can help us? (Like; photoshop, SQL, PHP, etc.):
      yea i can edit Pics and make Some effects .  But not at PS   .. Dont know alot about SQL and PHP .What can you do as a supporting staff member?:
      i can Help all players .. Cuz i like Doing that and im not supporter So what will i do if Im Supporter  
      + i can Provide  Players with my infos about game playing .. 
      i can make alot of events .and im Creative can Create new events .. and make alot of events i knowed them .. From my last exp. 
      Can make alot of Friendly relationships Between me and the players , 
      and i can be active alot of time . dat cuz im 20 Old  So i have nothing To do ... Just playing How active are you on weekly basis?: 
      more than 12H .. yea dat is True .. and you Can check that by watching me Daily Is there anything you would change to our staff/game?: 
      yea  .. i haaaaave aloooooot of changes,,ideas,, un predictable Things ,, and i Sent a message to FB page .. with some ideas and suggestions .. even before i know about you need GA or SuppWhat do you think your main objective is as a GM/GA?:
      Helping palyers As Hard As i can .. 
      trying to make the Game more Funny .. 
      Trying to make A fare game play .. 
      Tring to Get moooore players as i can .. 
      and Cant stop of Getting new players To the Server.Anything you would like to add for us to know?: 
      yea actually there is .. 
      i can be an admin at FB pages .. To can contact with all players Messages . and can write posts about some events With A rewards .. 
      Cuz i have alot of Free time that i can use . 
      + i have my Own Guild we are all will Join this game .. If i was GA or i wasnt , 
    • Current TITANSRO staffs
      By hellmakr · Posted
      Thank You i already Done that